Quality Construction and Care

What makes Tuki Covers the Leading Covers in the Industry?

For nearly 20 years, Tuki has been providing musicians and pro audio specialists with outstanding products and customer service. Our materials are among the best available for soft-cover protection. Our unique 3-layer lamination process insures years of trouble-free use. The foam padding is sandwiched between the inner and outer materials to prevent exposure to the elements. Some of our earliest customers have praised the longevity of our products. We have had many phone calls and emails from customers disappointed with our competitors' products. Many have tried to imitate Tuki Covers but none have duplicated our standard. People keep coming back to TUKI , the reason is we make the BEST COVER in the business.


Tips on cleaning:

  • NEVER put in washing machine
  • Use water or rubbing alcohol on a sponge or clean cloth
  • Soak in cold water in sink or tub with a small amount of a very mild liquid detergent (Ivory liquid)
  • Air dry flat, do not put in dryer or in direct sunlight